Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Training for RAAM

I've been very busy trying to prepare for RAAM. Somehow I still need to find time to ride my bike after hosting a couple brevets, planning for a fleche, planning two cross state record attempts, trying to set up a fundraiser for the Golden Harvest Food Bank, and then trying to make arrangements for this little race in June. At times it seems overwhelming (even though I've been through this a couple times already).

Things seem to be going according to plan. I feel like I've got a solid crew for the race, and Gator Cochran has been helping me with some of the logistical issues. I still have some assorted tasks to take care of like designing some crew t-shirts, making flight arrangements, and getting my van ready to race. I don't want to forget to update the van's sound system so I can have some good music to keep me company on those long climbs.

My goal is obviously to be in by best physcial shape ever by June. It's been a long miserable winter, but I've battled the elements to get in some respectable saddle time. It's very hard to know if I can reach new heights, but I believe that I'm at least close to where I was last year at this time. My weekend long rides leading up to RAAM will look something like this:

2/21 pre-ride Augusta 300 km start sub-LT intervals
2/28 100 mi
3/7 ride Augusta 300 km
3/14 125 mi
3/21 Dublin weekend 150 + 100 mi start over-LT intervals
3/28 200 mi
4/4 100 mi, fleche
4/11 break
4/18 150 mi, preride Augusta 400 km start progressively longer tempo rides
4/25 125 mi
5/2 100, Augusta 400 km
5/8-16 Vacation South Carolina E-W-E record attempt 400 miles
5/23 100 mi
5/30 Georgia record attempt - 300 mi
6/6 100 mi