About RAAM

     RAAM has been termed "The World's Toughest Race" by Outside Magazine.  The 2010 course will include 110,00 feet of climbing over the 3,021 miles separating the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  The solo cyclist races about 20-22 hours per day covering hundreds of miles for 9-12 days straight.  Each rider will face sleep deprivation, intense desert heat, high altitude climbs through the Rockies, and the possibility of strong headwinds and storms.  Though the races are significantly different, RAAM is about 800 miles longer than the Tour De France and the distance is covered in about half the overall time.  No drafting of a peloton is allowed to ease the burden.  Austrian adventurer Wolfgang Fasching has won solo RAAM and climbed Mount Everest.  "Everest is more dangerous, but RAAM is much harder," said Fasching.

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