Monday, June 7, 2010

Solo rider meeting


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Solo Rider Meeting

Team Kaiser just got out of the solo rider meeting down at the pier where we were able to size up the competition for the first time...let's just say we sat in the 9th row. Most of the team and especially Phil is out helping one of the RAW riders get some bikes after his were destroyed yesterday.


Getting the rules.

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Getting the RAAMinators ready

As RAAM draws closer the crew is working on preparations to the support vehicles, bikes, and gear. We spent yesterday east of Oceanside out in the desert near Borrego Springs, CA. Kevin road the "Glass Elevator", an 11 mile downhill that marks the entrance to the desert. After some last minute pizza and beer, a late night run to Walmart last night, and some early morning preparations, it is clear that the crew is lingering in the calm before the storm. But after the arrival of Phil and Erin and the addition of some Georgia magnets to the RAAMinators, we are ready for the challenge!

RAAM Sunday June 6th 3 days till RAAM