Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little rain!

Just as we left Hermann this heavy rain started pounding Kevin as he began the hilly section all the way to Washington, MO.
This section has some "Bundrick Rollers" for the next 20 miles. Just another day in RAAM. The good thing is the very steep "Bundricks" should keep him warm while riding in this evening rain that so far has lasted 45 minutes.
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Crossing the Missouri again

Kevin leaving Washington MO and crossing the Missouri River again. I would have liked to have seen this long steel bridge in the daylight. The roads are still wet. Its been that way for a while now.
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Time Station 33

Dave I made the change with Roger and Danny a few miles ago and following Kevin to TS:33&34.

This picture is crossing the wide Missouri River with the sun beginning to set. We made a left to ride thru the riverside German town Hermann, MO. A beautiful town full of German influence. There is a neat B&B on the river that would be nice try on a tour one day.
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Passing TS:33

Here's Kevin passing TS:33 Jefferson City, MO. with Roger & Danny close behind. He looked alert and aware. It seems the 1.5 hour of sleep has helped. As we leap frogged ahead to Washington, Mo. we spotted Warner-Smith just 10 miles ahead. We relayed the message to Kevin to hopefully motivate him to continue his pressing pace.
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Bundricks RAAM Interview

While we waiting to cheer Kevin thru TS:33 Jefferson City, MO. the RAAM Media Crew stopped and had a great interview with Dave Bundrick. Using all his southern charm, he gave them a poetic update on Kevin and the fuel that keeps him going. Be sure to watch it on the RAAM website.
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RAAM Day 4-5

Crazy Shift

Just got in from a crazy 15 hour shift and been up for 24 hours now so this will be brief so we can get up the road for some sleep. Kevin was rolling along quite well last night when we took over 25 miles outside of Yates Center, KS. His knee was hurting so he changed his left shoe and it did the trick along with some Advil. He had some hallucinations going on and I just told him to chase that white rabbit on down the road. Not sure what cartoon characters he saw but he was definitely seeing things going on in the darkness ahead of him. The spies he saw weren't there but there were some non-RAAM vehicles. I fed off that and told him they may just be trying to catch up and to press on. Tom from Heart of the South 500 was parked on the side of the road with a huge Heart of the South banner about 10 miles from Ft. Scott and that pushed Kevin to get there for his rest. As we went across the 2nd bridge near the time station an armadillo ran in between Kevin's wheels and he scrubbed and nearly fell. He has mad handling skills and saved it to head into the time station. When he woke up he didn't really know where he was. I told him he was in 3rd in the Race Across America and he laughed and didn't believe me. He had some issues with his contacts and was having a hard time opening his eye and I finally managed to get his right contact in.
He pressed on to Weaubleau, MO and we had some adversity handed to us. The flint stone along the shoulder stuck our into rear tire on the RAAMinator. We had to make a quick decision, stuck 6 pop tarts, a cell phone, cue sheet, and tools into Kevin's jersey flew up to the time station. I got dropped off, John and Bejan found a tire shop in this tiny town. I waited for Kevin to pass so I could call into RAAM HQ for his time and keep him rolling. We waited on the owner at Double OTT Tire Shop to open up at 8 pm local time and he got the piece of flint stone out, plugged the tire and we were own our way.
In the meantime, Roger and Danny, were on their way to give temporary support if needed. We got to Kevin and he had just gotten a flat tire on the Supersix. We pulled the Synapse down and sent him on his way. We did a crew exchange after that and we are now Camdenton taking showers and about to head up the road. Kevin is exhausted from a real tough night and is heading in to shower, take an hour sleep break and will be back on the road to keep it rolling.

RAAM Day 5 Photos (click on photo below)

Six words...thank you double ott pit stop!

Well deserved rest @ TS30

Kevin finally decided to get some sleep after hammering all day. He was
seeing cartoon characters in the road and thought he saw spy vehicles as we got closer to Ft Scott.When I woke him up he didn't know where he was. I told him he was kickin' butt in RAAM and he was 3rd place. He just laughed and didn't believe me.After some complications with his contacts we got him back rolling. Thesynapse electronic dura ace shifting wouldn't work so we got the supersix climbing bike down so he can attack the rollers here in Missouri. About 33 miles from Ts 31 Weaubleau, MO.
Roll Kaiser Roll,