Saturday, June 12, 2010

RAAM Days 2-3

RAAM Day 3 Photos ( click on photo)


Troy and I got Kevin thru Utah and into Colorado. We rolled into Durango
around 6:45 local time. Kevin did really well thru Utah and over to
Durango, CO. He slept for about 15 minutes about 23 miles from Durango. He
dealt with the cold and an annoying drizzle. He is going to sleep for about
1 hour and 30 min before heading out again.


RAAM Day 2 Photo Album (click on photo)


"The Creeper" rolled thru Cortez @ 4:25am EST and we are rocking' XM Hair
Nation, Guns N Roses and keeping' his motor running to Durango! He even
joked around and said don't fear the creeper earlier.
Rock on,
Troy from John's phone