I would like to use the 2010 Race Across America as a platform to help raise money for the Golden Harvest Food Bank. This idea arose after a customer read about my 2009 race in the Augusta Chronicle and made a donation in my honor. I've since met with the director, toured the Augusta distribution center, and become excited about what they're about. I'm hoping that my efforts in the 2010 race will inspire others to donate to this worthy charity.

Golden Harvest is a nonprofit charitable food distribution center providing grocery products to the hungry through direct programs and partner agencies. The service region encompasses 30 counties in Georgia and South Carolina.

Their mission: End hunger in our service region.

What I love about Golden Harvest is their ability to stretch the value of monetary donations - for every dollar donated they can distribute seven dollars worth of food to the hungry.

Please consider donating directly to them through their website at Otherwise, check contributions can be made to:

Golden Harvest Food Bank
3310 Commerce Drive
Augusta, GA 30909-9906