Friday, June 11, 2010


Closing in Kayenta, AZ. Monument Valley is about 40 miles away.
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The San Juan River in Mexican Hat Utah TS:11
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My hero Dave Bundrick and myself entering Utah, just after a Crew exchange with Troy and John.
Kevin is energized and eating well. He has picked his speed up a little with the help of a tail wind. It will be cold tonight and more nasty climbs ahead.
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Just awesome!
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Passing the Mexican Hat in AZ.
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Kevin got a full 1.5 hour of sleep. We are "back in the saddle again" and entering Monument Valley. He seems refreshed as a you can after riding this kind of ride.

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Rock formations in the Hopi Indian Reservation!

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Rocking through Flagstaff

We crewed for Kevin from Gladden, AZ (middle of nowhere, only thing there was the Donkey Hotel and had an Adults Only sign...hmmm) to Cottonwood, AZ. Kevin got to Congress yesterday which is truly an oasis in the desert with a manned time station complete with kiddie pool. Kevin talked about the pool since the start and it was truly a welcoming reward. He wasted no time jumping in for 5 minutes, went down for his first sleep of 1 1/2 hours sleep after 26 hours of riding. He rode 360 miles his first 24 hours! Total time off the bike was 2 hours to get fresh clothes on and get him coated with 100spf sunscreen.

Some of you have asked what he is eating. He sort of stuck with his plan of consuming less solid food and less Ensure in the desert heat since that gave him some serious stomach issues last year. This requires him to slow it down a bit in the desert but it paid off in huge dividends. Stomach issues are hard to get through in the desert heat. Bonking can be overcome fairly quickly but he is consuming a fair amount of grape soda, endurolytes (electrolyte capsules), he ate a yogurt parfait, and we gave him a ice cream fruit bar before he left Congress. He's eating a lot of pickles and just keeping the soda flowing freely kept his motor running until it got dark. The temps dropped at sunset and he was able to start drinking Ensure on the rocks. The key to his fluids is keeping them over ice in the Camelback ice jacket bottles. He climbed Yarnell grade with ease even though it was hot. This part of the race last year was the low point and he certainly struggled a bit yesterday but had no severe issues and stayed on the bike. He had a 12 mile climb after the Yarnell grade and dance on the pedals. He got a treat with some Black Sabbath on the XM radio. I was joking with him and made sure to let the man know that was a reward for such a great ride so far. Last year we told him "no Sabbath until day 3" but this is a new year.

As we headed into Cottonwood, AZ for the crew exchange a RAW rider by the name of Mark Metcalfe came up to pass Kevin. Mark and Kevin are good friends and have raced against one another in the past. We actually passed Mark on the 12 mile climb and Mark caught up just to talk to Kevin. Racers are allowed to ride side by side for 15 minutes as long as one of the support vehicles stays behind them. We witnessed some serious camaraderie between 2 guys that really struggled for over 400 miles and they had huge smiles on their faces. This is truly what this race is about and is the spirit of RAAM.

Update- Just woke up here in Flagstaff and apparently Kevin came through while I was sleeping. Phil said he got a quick shower, 15 minute nap, and a huge McD's big breakfast. We also got word that he ate an egg mcmuffin 2 hours after that. This is great news since we got him through the hottest part of the race. What you will most likely see is Kevin getting his legs and moving up in the standings. He climbs well and should through the Colorado Rockies and is an ace across the plains of Kansas. This is the leg of the race he made up some valuable time and got himself into the race.

Update #2- He's through time station #10 Tuba City, AZ! Looking like an epic day is unfolding, should see him make up some ground. Beware of the fast tortoise! Maybe we can nickname him "the creeper" cause he just may creep up on some folks.


Keep your thoughts, prayers, and comments coming! You all rock and are putting smiles on his face.





The "Native Burrito"
I know Wendy is drooling over this pic!

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Kevin at the turn for US 160 "The Navajo Trail" to Tuba City. He's been eating an Indian Burrito from the Native's Craft Deli. A pic to follow. Right now he riding in Gods natural Arts Crafts Show! So beautiful here!
The weather is very favorable right now, mid 70,s:)
Lisa, Kevin sends his love.

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Approaching Sedona, AZ. Kevin is looking steady on this climb back up to 7000+ feet.