Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Training

It's hard to tell exactly where I'm at this year, but physically I can't be too far off from where I was the year before. Early in March I did a lot of sub-lactate threshold intervals (heart rate 156-165), and recently this has progressed to above lactate threshold intervals (heart rate 170+). It takes fresh legs to push my heart rate above threshold for so long, but so far I'm getting it done. Lately I've been doing intervals in the mornings and then doing group rides in the evening.

I've had a couple fun weekend rides lately. The first was a ride from my house down to Dublin (about 150 miles) on Saturday, and then I followed it up with a fairly fast St Patrick's century on Sunday. It was fun to ride with Gator, my brother Chris, and friend Marshall. A couple days ago I rode a double century from Publix and was treated to some beautiful weather, and then this weekend I rode the North Carolina Fleche. The fleche is a 24 hour point to point group ride that we rode from Bishopville SC to Atlantic Beach NC. Team members were Gator Cochran, Chris Kaiser, Walter Wilson, and Leslie Shapiro. It was fun to ride a non-competitive event, and the good company made it very enjoyable.

My weekends have recently opened up, so I'm working feverishly to come up with a crew for the Heart of the South in a few days. The cross state records were supposed to be my first supported events, so I'll also have to get my pace vehicle and bikes ready a little earlier as well. On the side, Stephen Auerbach has given us permission to host a screening of Bicycle Dreams, so we're putting together a charity benefit for April 20th.