Monday, June 21, 2010

RAAM Day 10 - Kevin Finishes!


  1. Congratulations!! You did it! Great job. Enjoy a well-deserved rest and better food.

    LL-Martinez, Georgia

  2. Congratulations Kevin! BTW, your crew looked like a pretty motley and ragged bunch; and you still survived! More impressive.

  3. Kevin,
    You did awsome and we hope to see you next year. I hope you have the same awsome crew you had this year, they were amazing and it was so good to see how well they took care of you.
    It was nice to meet you all and your brother, your all just wonderful to hang out with and talk to.
    Take care

  4. It was great to meet you at the finish.
    Congratulations on your 2010 RAAM finish.
    Maybe we'll see you on the Race again soon.
    Best wishes. Enjoy your well deserved rest.

    Bonnie from Baltimore

  5. Kevin,
    Congratulations on a great ride. In your interviews during and after the race you were consistantly articulate, coherent and positive in attitude despite sleep deprivation, fatigue and physical stress. You're one tough guy and a real class act! Mary Florian

    and fatigue I was so amazed.